This is a new system for 2020 please ensure you Register by setting up a User Account and Password following the instructions below (the old system did NOT have a login capability)
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Welcome to the newly updated web-site for Have A Dog Day
Initially you will need a User Account which will ultimately hold your Exhibitor AND all your dogs details (remember under KC rules each ownership needs a separate account!)
Click Register Here, set up your user name, email and password and then Create Profile. Complete Add Exhibitor details and Add to Account. You can then Add a New Dog (add as many as you need just keep following the instructions). You can enter a new dog at any time
Once you have completed this step you are then ready to enter a show - navigate to the Online Entries page, click on the show you would like and your entered dogs will be in the drop down box
Everything from this point on is straight forward, complete your entry, add in any additions such as catalogue, membership, donations etc and then Complete Order
You will then be taken to your Shopping Cart where your total order will be shown (including Admin). You must complete the Payee details which is not necessarily the same as the Exhibitor, not a problem as this is for payment purposes ONLY. Once completed press your preferred payment button and follow the on screen instructions
Once paid you will be re-directed back to your home page and can see your entry in Your Previous Orders this can be seen and reviewed at any time prior to that specific show - so no need to worry if you have forgotten which dog(s) you have entered at a forthcoming show
Please be aware that your orders are displayed in a "POP-UP" window, you will need to allow access to this on which ever browser you are using on a desktop computer! Any problems feel free to contact Have A Dog Day

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