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Sagewash Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Systems
Sagewash can be used everywhere that is washable and literally "Turns Water into Magic"

The Sagewash Sanitizer presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors, including; Food Service & Hospitality, Restaurants, Agriculture, Leisure and in the Animal Care sector including Equine Livery, Rescue, Kennels, Catteries and Boarding market segments 

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SAGEWASH Professional Starter Pack includes 3 Tablets

Show Cost: £195.00

SAGEWASH Tablets (8 Pack)

Show Cost: £72.50

SAGEWASH Professional Starter Pack PLUS 8 Tablets * OFFER *

Show Cost: £250.00

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