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22/12/2017 : Secure Payments

 This system now takes both PayPal & Credit Card (except Maestro) payments

If you already have a PayPal Account then simply press the Enter Details and Pay by PayPal Now button - this will take you directly to your PayPal login screen

22/12/2017 : Phase 2

22/12/2017 : Show Printing Services

Printing Services offering the following: 
Schedules with current KC Rules & Regulations 
Prize Cards - 1st to VHC, Special Awards
Diplomas - Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Best Dog etc 
Ring Numbers
Judges Books
We can print as many or as a little as required - in this economic climate it is important from a Club/Society's point of view to keep costs down to a minimum 
On-Line Entries taken through our fully secure system at NO additional cost to the Club/Society (standard £1.00 Admin charge payable by the Exhibitor)
Contact us now for a quotation - you will not be disappointed! 

22/12/2017 : Sagewash

Sagewash Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Systems

Sagewash can be used everywhere that is washable and literally "Turns Water into Magic"

The Sagewash Sanitizer presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors, including; Food Service & Hospitality, Restaurants, Agriculture, Leisure and in the Animal Care sector including Equine Livery, Rescue, Kennels, Catteries and Boarding market segments 

22/12/2017 : Breeder Puppy Packs & Pedigrees

Are you fed up with hand-writing your Puppy Pedigrees?

Look no further Have A Dog Day offers a complete Puppy Pack for all new puppy owners and costs the same as what The Kennel Club charge for JUST a 5 Generation Pedigree

Also available additional paperwork to bring in-line with requirements for Assured Breeders - these are NOT needed if you are not an ABS

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